In most major economies, electromagnetic compliance laws govern how much electrical energy an LED lamp can emit. In fact, just this month there has been a change to European EMI requirements with the EN55015:2013 standard coming into effect in the near future.

Under EN 55015:2013, manufacturers are required to measure ELV LED lamps on a 50Hz or 60Hz wire wound transformer, unless they state clearly that it cannot be used with such wire wound transformers  – a transformer type which is still very common in Europe.

Since ongoing research is a crucial part of the product development philosophy at Indice, we investigated how a cross segment of LED MR16 lamps performed to various global compliance standards. Our testing team found that many of the major brands do not comply with emissions requirements on commonly available power transformers. For manufacturers, this means a major compliance challenge and potentially serious liability issues.


Above chart: Indice LED MR16 drivers are EMI compliant on standard halogen transformers (electronic / magnetic) and meet new requirements of EN55015 / CISPR15 and FCC.


Indice’s MR16 LED drivers meet the EMI compliance requirements of all major regions. Our fast-switching, smart drivers smoothly draw power from transformers without requiring an EMI filter, an additional circuit part that adds cost and size to your lamp design.

EMI filters typically consist of inductors and capacitor networks to remove additional electrical noise. However Indice avoids usage of EMI filters due to it’s unique Continuous SigmaTM signal encoding method. Continuous SigmaTM is incredibly quiet – no noise, no EMI filter.

Are your LED lamps compliant with global EMI requirements?

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