About Indice Semiconductor

Indice Semiconductor’s innovative power control technology drives leading energy efficient LED lighting and has applications in audio amplifiers, power supplies, renewable energy inverters, electric motor control and much, much more.

Key benefits of our technology include:

  • High power density – our ICs enable our customers to pack a lot into significantly smaller mechanicals, reducing not only size, but also weight.
  • More efficient – reduced heat loss and higher performance means more powerful end products.
  • Reduced costs – these efficiency gains mean lower production costs in our customers’ manufacturing process

At Indice, innovation runs deeply through everything we do. Rather than trying to merely improve upon old and outdated power control techniques, we have developed our own methodologies from scratch. An example of this is our revolutionary Continuous SigmaTM encoding method, a digital semiconductor architecture that replaces many high performance analog circuits for power control and conversion.

Continuous SigmaTM has been described by industry leader Mark Telefus as the single most significant breakthrough in semiconductor power control and conversion in 40 years.

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Indice Driver ICs include:  ILD1  INDICE0001 INDICE0002 INDICE0101 INDICE0308INDICE0316INDICE0320
Indice Amplifiers include:  AM-PCI-24-01 AM-RC-50-01 AM-500-12-01 PSU-500-38-12-01