Indice Semiconductor IN0310 MR16 LED Driver IC

MR16 LED Driver IC

Product Number: IN0310

Developing upon Indice’s existing technology and market acumen, the new IN0310 LED Driver IC is suitable for MR16, AR111, low voltage outdoor, marine and automotive LED lighting, features include:

  • Incredibly high power density
  • Deep dimming – down to 0% light
  • Active Temperature Management
  • Low part count <36 components
  • Ultra small form factor – fits inside the wedge of an ANSI halogen lamp
  • Up to 20W applications


Indice G3 LED Driver ICs are available now. Contact us for further information and pricing.


Functional Block Diagram

System Diagram IN0310 LED Driver IC


Target power Up to 20W
Input voltage 12VAC / 12VDC
LED voltage range 18V – 45V
Deep dimming Yes: 100 – 0% light
Leading and trailing edge dimming Yes
Electronic transformer compatible Yes
Topology Boost 
Active Temperature Management Yes 
Driver efficiency Up to 85% (dependent on transformer)
Switching frequency Up to 4MHz asynchronous
Power factor on electronic transformer >0.9 (dependent on transformer)
EMC compliance on magnetic and electronic transformers CISPR15/FCC


Download the product brief for IN0310 LED driver IC and other Indice Semiconductor products on the Downloads page.