To help cater to our customers’ needs more effectively, Indice has split in two: Indice Ecotech (, which will continue to service customers wishing to buy LED lamps (end product), and Indice Semiconductor, which will focus on providing manufacturers the information required to incorporate our technology into their product suite.

This transition has been happening for a few weeks, and visitors to this site, will have noticed the change already. Customers with the URL on file will notice that this address redirects to the Indice Semiconductor site also.

Exciting new products

We recently attended Computex Taipei where we launched new LED driver ICs, audio amplifier modules and signal conversion technology.

A next generation range of MR16 LED Driver ICs offers manufacturers options to suit various budget and manufacturing requirements. The ‘G3’ IC features dimming and efficiency enhancements, as well as Active Temperature Management, asynchronous current regulation and incredibly high power density.  Read more about the G3 MR16 LED Driver ICs here.

The new ‘Katana’ Amplifier Module provides class leading acoustic fidelity, power and control in a highly efficient, small package. Delivering uncompromising control of speakers with excellent attack, fade and phase alignment, the module sports an impressive 114dB SNR and THD+N < 0.003. This is only possible with Indice’s proprietary Continuous Sigma encoding with direct drive technology. Find out more about the Katana here.

Our new Power Amplifier ‘Blade’ provides class leading acoustic fidelity and control in a highly efficient, small package. Delivering uncompromising control of the speaker with excellent attack and fade and phase alignment, the Indice blade amp sports an impressive 114dB SNR and THD+N < 0.006. Find out more about the Blade here.

Indice has also launched new Signal Conversion Technologies. Featuring our Continuous Sigma encoding method, these efficient, high performance converters have ultra low group delay and consume over 70% less power than others on the market. Read more about the Digital to Analog Converter here, and the Analog to Digital Converter here.

Find all Indice brochures in one place

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