Mark Telefus Continuous Sigma encoding method

Indice’s Continuous SigmaTM is redefining an industry.

A revolution in power control technology

Indice Semiconductor has developed a revolutionary new design methodology to challenge 40 years of traditional thinking: Continuous SigmaTM (C∑).

Since Delta Sigma method began being widely used throughout the 1960s and 1970s, there has been little innovation in signal conversion and power control technology – until now.

Our radical C∑ enables the most efficient, high performance and high power density technologies for signal encoding (including ADCs and DACs), lighting, audio, power inverter and electric vehicle markets.



Signal Conversion

Up until now, Delta Sigma and Successive Approximation Register (SAR) Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADC) have dominated the signal conversion space.

Delta Sigma generally has great resolution, but at considerable relative cost, while SAR has low resolution at low cost. The cost and limitations in Delta Sigma prevent it from competing with SAR in terms of price, and SAR is unable to achieve high resolution to supersede Delta Sigma. Enter Indice’s Continuous SigmaTM.

Instead of trying to improve Delta Sigma or SAR, we wrote C∑ from scratch, removing costly and power-hungry elements that hamper competitor signal conversion technology. The complexity, power consumption and cost of C∑ is similar to that of SAR, but with performance in excess of Delta Sigma.


Digital Audio

D class audio amplifiers have often been considered by audiophiles to have inferior sound quality to Class A and Class AB. D Class amplifiers ideally operate at high switching frequencies, however with every transition, error and noise is introduced. The faster a D class switches, the greater the error.

C∑ overcomes this with a real-time error feedback system rejecting switching error, cross-over distortion, and power supply ripple all at once.  C∑ does not have a clock to synchronise the output as with other systems.  This means that output is asynchronous.

Indice’s C∑ can be found in our audio proof of concept, a high resolution, cost effective, ultra-efficient, professional-grade performance power amplifier module. The module has been applauded by leading audio equipment manufacturers, who observed that that C∑ equals or improves upon the best of A class amplifiers, but at a mere fraction of the size due to a huge jump in efficiency.


Power Inverters

We have developed the technology for a split phase, D-class full bridge inverter, which can switch at over one million times a second, without the switching losses.

Now we are currently looking for strategic partners to collaborate with in commercializing the next line of ultra-efficient inverters for PSU and UPS, power generation, electric vehicles and more.

Continuous SigmaTM is shaking up conservative design paradigms through leading performance, size, cost and power consumption.

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