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If you’re looking for LED lighting technology news and audio industry updates, or simply want to stay up to date with Indice product updates, you’ve come to the right place.

Indice Semiconductor is dedicated to researching, developing and commercializing class-leading power control technology. As a technology pioneer, it is important for us to keep up to date with developments in these various areas throughout the world. We talk to our industry partners and customers to stay in touch with the market place.

We are particularly interested in LED lighting, audio power and amplifier technology and signal conversion of course, however we also like to write about general energy efficiency, electric vehicles and other exciting innovations.

If you a journalist or technology news blogger looking for more information about Indice Semiconductor, our technology or the industries we operate in, we’d be more than happy to help. Get in touch with us by emailing


Recent News

New highly efficient, ultra-compatible Indice MR16 LED Driver IC range now available

Indice Semiconductor's long-awaited, next generation "G3" suite of highly efficient, ultra-compatible MR16 LED Driver ICs is here. Having already shipped more than a million LED chips, Indice has built on this success and deep understanding of the LED lighting [...]

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Semiconductor industry expert Randy Steck joins the Indice Semiconductor Board

Semiconductor industry expert Mr. Randy Steck has joined Indice Semiconductor's Board of Directors. Randy has decades of experience in technical management with a strong orientation in leading edge product development, business development and marketing, and holds [...]

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Indice Semiconductor: A throwback Oregon startup, imported from Australia

By Mike Rogoway for the Oregonian Picture this: You're settling in for a romantic meal, uncorking the wine and dimming the lights. Instead of getting that warm mood lighting you expect, though, you get feverish [...]

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Introducing our newest Board Member: Stephen Zadig

Mr. Stephen (Steve) Zadig, co-founder of Vital Connect, Inc., has been announced as the latest semiconductor veteran to join the Board of Directors at Indice Semiconductor. Steve, who remains a director for Vital [...]

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Indice Driver ICs include:  ILD1  INDICE0001 INDICE0002 INDICE0101 INDICE0308INDICE0316INDICE0320
Indice Amplifiers include:  AM-PCI-24-01 AM-RC-50-01 AM-500-12-01 PSU-500-38-12-01