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Indice cashes in chips for US move

By Damon Kitney, The Australian   AN Australian company that makes semiconductor technology for LED lights, audio equipment and electric vehicles plans to ramp up its North American expansion plans after securing $6 million in fresh funding from an Australian venture capital fund and a number of veteran semiconductor investors in the US. Indice Semiconductor, which is moving its headquarters to Tualatin, Oregon, but retains its research and development base in Melbourne, has sold more than 1 million chips and will soon be opening customer support operations in Asia and Europe. The capital will fund expansion of the sales for Indice’s new integrated circuits that improve performance and save energy for a broad range of applications across a range of industries. The investment round was led by Pixelworks co-founder and former chief executive Allen Alley, a veteran of the US semiconductor industry. Pixelworks made chips for high-end television in the US for many years. Mr Alley subsequently began a career in Oregon politics, serving as chairman of the Oregon Republican Party. “We’re encouraged by the vote of confidence from Allen and our other investors, and the great inbound interest we have had from OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) and designers across the world, reinforcing the fact we’re tackling a big problem for many people,” Indice chief executive Aaron Brown said. The raising was also backed by the Melbourne-based venture capital group rampersand, which has built a portfolio of tech investments over the past year. One of its backers is Michael Naphtali, who was managing director of the Pratt paper and packaging empire for 15 years. The fund is run by Mr Naphtali's son Paul. “What Indice liked was that there was an Australian investment fund that understood [...]

New LED MR16 Reference Designs

Indice has added two new MR16 LED PCB reference designs to its collection. The Dimmable MR16 Petite is a slightly larger version of the MR16 Ultra Small, however with a much larger power capability at 9W target power. At a size of 24.6mm diameter by 19.8mm, this board is suitable for use with a variety of CREE, Citizen, Bridgelux and Lumiled COBs. The Dimmable MR16 Round 25mm reference design is a smaller version of Indice's proven MR16 Round 32mm LED PCB. With a target power up to 8W and greater than 85% efficiency wrapped up in a 25mm diameter by 16.6mm design, this board is suitable for use with a variety of CREE, Citizen and Sharp COBs. Other MR16 reference designs available include PCBs for use in AR111 and 12V DC/AC lights. These production ready reference designs make designing your LED lights around the Indice LED Driver IC is easy. We have reference designs for both MR16 and Mains voltage LED lighting applications, which can be implemented straight away or customized to suit specific mechanical housing. All designs come with support documentation such as whitepapers, schematics and assembly drawings. The Indice LED Driver IC features deep dimming and global dimmer compatibility, extensive leading and trailing edge transformer compatibility, Active Temperature Management, high power factor and EMC compliance for the US, Europe and Australia. See our full range of MR16 LED PCB reference designs and suggested LEDs by clicking here. More information about the Indice LED Driver IC can be found here. We will also be releasing the next generation "G3" MR16 LED Driver IC later this year. Find out more about it here.

New products, new downloads and new look!

To help cater to our customers' needs more effectively, Indice has split in two: Indice Ecotech (www.indice.com.au), which will continue to service customers wishing to buy LED lamps (end product), and Indice Semiconductor, which will focus on providing manufacturers the information required to incorporate our technology into their product suite. This transition has been happening for a few weeks, and visitors to this site, www.indicesemi.com will have noticed the change already. Customers with the URL www.indicetech.com on file will notice that this address redirects to the Indice Semiconductor site also. Exciting new products We recently attended Computex Taipei where we launched new LED driver ICs, audio amplifier modules and signal conversion technology. A next generation range of MR16 LED Driver ICs offers manufacturers options to suit various budget and manufacturing requirements. The 'G3' IC features dimming and efficiency enhancements, as well as Active Temperature Management, asynchronous current regulation and incredibly high power density.  Read more about the G3 MR16 LED Driver ICs here. The new ‘Katana’ Amplifier Module provides class leading acoustic fidelity, power and control in a highly efficient, small package. Delivering uncompromising control of speakers with excellent attack, fade and phase alignment, the module sports an impressive 114dB SNR and THD+N < 0.003. This is only possible with Indice’s proprietary Continuous Sigma encoding with direct drive technology. Find out more about the Katana here. Our new Power Amplifier ‘Blade’ provides class leading acoustic fidelity and control in a highly efficient, small package. Delivering uncompromising control of the speaker with excellent attack and fade and phase alignment, the Indice blade amp sports an impressive 114dB SNR and THD+N < 0.006. Find out more about the Blade here. Indice has also launched new Signal Conversion Technologies. Featuring our Continuous Sigma encoding method, these efficient, [...]

Indice unveils next generation MR16 LED Driver IC

Indice will offer a preview of its next-generation “G3” MR16 LED Driver IC in Taipei next month. The IC will be available in three package tiers to suit various budget, performance and manufacturing requirements. Indice’s baseline G3 IC package (INDICE0308) is ideal for lighting manufacturers who wish to provide their customers with quality LED lights, featuring deep dimming and the broadest compatibility with dimmer infrastructure and halogen transformers available in the market. The baseline ICs benefit from Active Temperature Management, which limits the operating temperature of the chip and electronics, extending the life of the luminaire. Power normalization keeps light levels consistent across all transformer types. The second tier of G3 IC packages available (INDICE0316) offers the same features as tier one, with the additional benefit of providing manufacturers the flexibility to control the Active Temperature Management point. It also includes active rectifier control and synchronous MOSFET for boost stage, which increase driver efficiency and compatibility. The highest tier package (INDICE0320) offers all the above features plus asynchronous current regulation, enabling unparalleled, flicker-free dimming performance. With active transformer detection capability, all G3 ICs are suitable for use with both magnetic and electronic transformers and are compatible with electronic transformers available globally. The ICs can be integrated into MR16 and AR111 retrofit lamps, and are also suitable for low voltage outdoor lighting (12VAC), marine and automotive LED applications. The new range of ICs will be available for sampling in late 2014 to pre-registered customers. Indice's Chief Technical Officer, James Hamond, will be in Taipei for the Computex trade show from 3 June – 7 June. To make an appointment with Mr Hamond for a demonstration of the G3 MR16 LED Driver IC and other new technologies, please fill out the form below:   The demonstration will be [...]

Elon Musk talks electric pickup trucks and supersonic airplanes

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced at the recent New York Times DealBook conference that he has envisaged a design for an electric supersonic airplane, saying there's an "interesting opportunity to make a supersonic vertical takeoff landing jet". Musk cited the end of the Concorde service as his inspiration for the idea. Musk also announced that an electric pickup vehicle is on the cards for the EV manufacturer. Likely similar to Ford's F-Series pickup trucks and might be ready in 5 years. Electric pick ups, supersonic jet planes and the Hyperloop - sounds like science fiction, but with the right power control systems it seems anything is possible. Musk, often cited as the inspiration for Robert Downey Jr's Tony "Iron man" Stark, seems to have recognized that anything is possible, a mindset the engineers at Indice share. Currently Indice's power control algorithm has enabled the us to develop industry leading LED lights, including dimmable MR16s downlights, AR111 lights and a 250W highbay. Indice also launched its car audio amplifier earlier this year at the International CES, which is ideal for electric vehicles, such as Tesla, due to its power, fidelity, efficiency and regenerative PSU. The amplifier will also demonstrated at International CES 2014 at the beginning of January, on the Rare Audio Mobridge stand.   Read more about Elon Musk's interviews at Wired here. More detail about the electric pickup vehicle at Business Insider Australia here.