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International CES 2015 Wrap

We had an amazing time at last week's International Consumer Electronics Show. We saw were so many incredible products there, and lots of possible applications for Indice's ADC and DAC technology. Of course, we spent a bit of time with the Rare Audio team to celebrate the selection of its Element 4.1 car audio amplifier as a 2015 CES Innovation Awards Honoree. The amplifier features Indice Semiconductor components, including an amplifier module and a power supply unit. Indice’s electrolytic capacitor-free amplifier module ensures the Element 4.1 has a slimline, modern look, while improving the reliability and lifespan of the unit. In keeping with our high standards of audio quality, 350WRMS @ 1% THD into 4 Ω, 700WRMS into 2Ω mean the Element 4.1 amplifier has incredible high fidelity sound, with half a horse power per speaker. An SNR of >108dB ensures no audible hiss, even when the car engine is turned off. We also met with some interesting people to talk about our Blade power amplifier module, which has an impressive high-resolution frequency response of >50kHz. The Blade delivers uncompromising control of speakers with excellent attack, fade and phase response, and has an incredible 114dB SNR and THD <0.003. This is only possible with our proprietary Continuous SigmaTM encoding with direct drive technology. When we weren't talking about amplifiers, we did manage to step out onto the show floor to explore some of the other wonders of CES. Are guys in the Indice innovations lab love 3D printing, and a couple of our engineers have built their own, so naturally we checked out the 3D printing section of the show. It is well documented that engineers love pizza, so it should come as no surprise that this was [...]

The Oatmeal Rides In Google Self-Driving Car

Popular satirical cartoonist Matthew Inman, better known under the moniker 'The Oatmeal' was recently invited to ride in one of Google's new self-driving cars. Unlike the vast amount of commentary this vehicle has been subjected to (will it ever be a real world product? Why bother with Google when you can have a Mercedes? It's a friendly vehicle that doesn't want to hurt you!), The Oatmeal chose to publish his review in the form of '6 things I learned from riding in a Google Self-driving Car', featuring some of his classic illustration style. Here is a brief summary of his thoughts: 1. Human beings are terrible drivers. "We drink. We doze. We text." 2. Google self-driving cars are timid. "Google can adjust the level of aggression in the software, and the self-driving prototypes currently tooling around Mountain View are throttled to act like nervous student drivers." 3. They're cute. "Psychological studies have been done whereby participants, when asked to harm an inanimate object, were less likely to hurt the object if it had a face.... By turning self-driving cars into an adorable Skynet Marshmallow Bumper Bots, Google hopes to spiritually disarm other drivers." 4. It's not done and it's not perfect. "When the road cleared and it was safe to turn right, the car didn’t budge. I thought this was a bug at first, but when I looked to my right there was a pedestrian standing very close to the curb, giving the awkward body language that he was planning on jaywalking. This was a very human interaction: the car was waiting for a further visual cue from the pedestrian to either stop or go, and the pedestrian waiting for a cue from the car." 5. I want this [...]

Gearing up for the Consumer Electronics Show 2015

Indice Semiconductor looks forward to attending the world's largest consumer electronics event, International CES 2015 held 6 - 9 January. Our CTO James Hamond and his team will be at the show, which will be held at the Las Vegas Convention and World Trade Centre (LVCC) and Sands Expo complex. Indice's audio amplifier and power supply technology drives the Rare Audio Amplifier, which will be on display at Booth 3423, LVCC, North Hall. The amplifier was once again selected as a CES Innovation Award honoree for its outstanding engineering, design and unique features. A previous release of the amplifier, also featuring Indice's audio amplifier and PSU modules, was selected in 2013. Mr Hamond will be able to provide show visitors with demos of Indice's Blade power amplifier, as well as other audio technology in the works. To make an appointment to meet with Mr Hamond and the rest of the Indice Semiconductor team to discuss our latest technological developments and how they can be integrated into your product, contact us today by emailing sales@indicesemi.com Held annually in Las Vegas, the International CES showcases the most exciting next-generation innovations for the consumer market. Over 3,500 exhibitors, including manufacturers, developers and suppliers of consumer technology hardware, content, technology delivery systems and more. Last year there were more than 150,000 attendees from over 140 countries. The hours for the upcoming exhibition will be as follows: Tuesday, January 6: 10am - 6pm Wednesday, January 7: 9am - 6pm Thursday, January 8: 9am - 6pm Friday, January 9: 9am - 4pm

Italian Blog takes note of the Rare Audio Amplifier

The Rare Audio got some attention recently on Italian blog, Audio Car Stereo Team, a group of audio enthusiasts. Indice Audio and mObridge showed off the now commercially available Rare Audio Amplifier earlier this month at International CES, where it got a lot of attention for its regenerative PSU and highly efficient amplifier module. Audio Car Stereo Team also note its light weight and incredibly low profile. Total amplifier thickness is under one inch (25mm) making it the most technically advanced and compact amplifier available on the market. Using the powerful GUI via a PC, tablet or smartphone, users can tune their system to their preference and environment. Currently models with three different inputs are available for purchase - MOST, Digital and Analog. Each model features Bluetooth, is smartphone compatible and has 4 x 125W RMS audio channels. For further technical detail and order your amplifier, visit www.rareaudio.com. Read the full write up here (in Italian).

Rare Audio Amplifier a “game changer” at International CES 2014

This week, Indice Audio exhibited at the International Consumer Electronics Show 2014 promoting the launch of the Rare Audio Amplifier and an Indiegogo fundraising campaign to help with the first production run. The Rare Audio amplifier, a collaboration between Indice Audio and mObridge, was described as a "game changer" by one exhibition patron, while others marveled at the regenerative power supply and the extraordinarily small form factor. The Rare Audio Amplifier is setting new benchmarks for performance in car audio, thanks to Indice's power control algorithm. In comparison to many competitor products being demonstrated at the show, the Rare Audio Amplifier features a capacitor free design and thermal management. The amplifier and PSU modules, designed by Indice Audio, can also be independently integrated into next generation premium car amplifiers. International CES is considered one of the world's most important electronics shows, demonstrating products from global innovators. Held over four days, over 50,000 exhibitors display the latest in robotics, gaming, 3D printer technology and so more, to approximately 150,000 attendees (figures based on 2013 attendance). In addition to showcasing the market-ready product, Rare Audio has also started an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to ramp up production of the amplifiers and reach critical mass for purchase of key components and materials. The campaign offers supporters a variety of funding options, ranging from small donations to the ability to purchase one of the first amplifiers to roll off the production line. Those who make the purchase are also encouraged to provide feedback on installation and usage experiences, which will be used for continuous improvement of the product. International CES is on for one more day, so to hear the power and precision of the Rare Audio Amplifier for yourself, visit the Rare Audio Mobridge stand (Booth [...]

Indice Audio and mObridge Launch Award Winning Amplifier at CES

moBridge and Indice Audio launched their MIDSP500 Boosted Asynchronous Modulated Amplifier following a joint development between the two Melbourne, Australia based technology companies. This advanced audio technology won a prestigious In‐Vehicle Audio/Video category Innovation Honouree Award at CES 2013 in Las Vegas. The mObridge Indice MIDSP500 Boosted Asynchronous Modulated Amplifier takes amplifier design to a new level, with low profile design, up to 500WRMS per channel continuous @ 1 ohm, exceptional sound quality and control, all at an affordable price. This has been achieved by combining the latest digital pre-amplifier design from mObridge with a state of the art power supply and amplifier design from Indice Audio. The MIDSP500 showcases exceptionally low Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR), Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) and Inter-Modulation Distortion (IMD), as its clockless design asynchronously tracks the incoming audio signal. Simultaneously, the power supply asynchronously corrects the boosted rail at incredibly high speed allowing power to flow in both directions, and returning reactive energy from the speakers back to the car battery. About Indice Audio Indice Pty Ltd is dedicated to R&D of advanced power control technology targeting high performance, energy efficient applications including dimmable LED lighting, audio amplifiers, and micro-inverters. Indice Audio is a premium market brand leveraging off Indice patented technology which enables many benefits over traditional power control schemes including high power density, high performance audio amplifiers and audio power supplies. For more information about Indice, visit: www.indicetech.com/audio About moBridge Fiberdyne Systems Pty Ltd is an automotive electronics manufacturer that supports drivers in over 30 countries and provides the world's auto makers with audio and driver assistance products. The company through its brand, mObridge, specializes in system integration solutions with innovative vehicle entertainment and information technologies. Fiberdyne System's R&D facilities in Australia, Europe and North America ensure that [...]


18 January 2013 Posted by Car Audio & Entertainment Through a collaboration between mObridge and Indice Audio, an Australian designed product could set the future trends for automotive amplifiers and factory integration. Read on for more information about this new technology. The MIDSP500 is a Boosted Asynchronous Modulated Amplifier that takes amplifier design to a whole new level, with low profile design, up to 500w RMS per channel @ 1 ohm, exceptional sound quality and control with affordable cost and pricing. This has been achieved by combining the latest digital pre-amplifier from mObridge with a state of the art power suppy and amplifier design from Indice Audio According to mObridge Indice, the MIDSP500 showcases exceptionally low Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR), Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) and Inter-Modulation Distortion (IMD), as its clockless design asynchronously tracks the incoming audio signal. Simultaneously, the power supply asynchronously corrects the boosted rail at incredibly high speed allowing power to flow in both directions, and returning reactive energy from the speakers back to the car battery. The mObridge Indice MIDSP500 received an International CES Innovations 2013 Design and Engineering Award at the recent CES in Las Vegas. Julian Merritt, Director of mObridge INC, and James Hamond, CTO of Indice were both thrilled to learn of the award for the MIDSP500 amplifier which resulted from the joint development between the two companies. Hamond says, “It is really exciting to be able to demonstrate Indice’s power control capabilities in the high performance audio market. We’ve done things a bit differently to traditional audio power supplies, and we believe that audiophiles will love the results.” Merritt added, “This was a great opportunity to take the next big step in audio. The MIDSP500 provides the listener with [...]