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Gearing up for the Consumer Electronics Show 2015

Indice Semiconductor looks forward to attending the world's largest consumer electronics event, International CES 2015 held 6 - 9 January. Our CTO James Hamond and his team will be at the show, which will be held at the Las Vegas Convention and World Trade Centre (LVCC) and Sands Expo complex. Indice's audio amplifier and power supply technology drives the Rare Audio Amplifier, which will be on display at Booth 3423, LVCC, North Hall. The amplifier was once again selected as a CES Innovation Award honoree for its outstanding engineering, design and unique features. A previous release of the amplifier, also featuring Indice's audio amplifier and PSU modules, was selected in 2013. Mr Hamond will be able to provide show visitors with demos of Indice's Blade power amplifier, as well as other audio technology in the works. To make an appointment to meet with Mr Hamond and the rest of the Indice Semiconductor team to discuss our latest technological developments and how they can be integrated into your product, contact us today by emailing sales@indicesemi.com Held annually in Las Vegas, the International CES showcases the most exciting next-generation innovations for the consumer market. Over 3,500 exhibitors, including manufacturers, developers and suppliers of consumer technology hardware, content, technology delivery systems and more. Last year there were more than 150,000 attendees from over 140 countries. The hours for the upcoming exhibition will be as follows: Tuesday, January 6: 10am - 6pm Wednesday, January 7: 9am - 6pm Thursday, January 8: 9am - 6pm Friday, January 9: 9am - 4pm

Energy-saving chip maker Indice Semiconductor raises $6M, moves HQ to Oregon

By Taylor Soper for GeekWire   Indice Semiconductor, a company that builds energy-saving chips, has raised $6 million in a round led by Pixelworks co-founder Allen Alley. Along with the fresh cash, the six-year-old company will also be moving its headquarters from Australia to Tualatin, Ore. Indice has shipped nearly one million chips since 2008 to customers that use its technology for an array of appliances like LED lighting and electric vehicles. The new funding will be used to accelerate sales and manufacturing.

Indice Semiconductor, Maker Of Energy-Saving Chips, Raises $6M Series A

By Catherine Shu for TechCrunch   Indice Semiconductor has raised a $6 million Series A to focus on marketing its chips, which use an algorithm that the company says can help appliances save energy. The round was led by Allen Alley, the co-founder and former CEO of Pixelworks and included participation from Australian venture capital firm rampersand. The capital will be used to increase Indice’s sales team in the U.S. and Asia Pacific region in order to target original equipment manufacturers and product designers. So far, Indice has marketed chips with its Continuous SigmaTM algorithm to the lighting industry, but is planning to expand to amplifiers, electric vehicles, and the Internet of Things. Indice Semiconductor, which was founded in Melbourne, Australia, also announced that it is relocating its headquarters to Tualatin, Oregon, and has hired Alley as its executive chairman. Indice Semiconductor hopes to stand apart from its peers (including Texas Instruments, Analog Devices, and Cirrus Logic) with its patent-pending Continuous SigmaTM algorithm. So far, Indice has sold 1 million chips using Continuous SigmaTM.  Continuous Sigma improves performance in digital-to-analog (DAC/ADC) applications, which means that it can be used in hardware in verticals ranging from connected devices and electric vehicles to lighting and amplifiers. “Continuous SigmaTM is a simpler encoding method than the commonly used Successive Approximation Registar (SAR) found in many wearable devices, and has a higher performance than the Delta Sigma encoding method (around since the 1970s), which is found in audio applications, power supplies, and motor control,” a spokesman for the company told TechCrunch. “For the end user this could mean anything from more effective noise cancelling headphones than what we currently see on the market to smarter, more efficient wearable devices.

Indice cashes in chips for US move

By Damon Kitney, The Australian   AN Australian company that makes semiconductor technology for LED lights, audio equipment and electric vehicles plans to ramp up its North American expansion plans after securing $6 million in fresh funding from an Australian venture capital fund and a number of veteran semiconductor investors in the US. Indice Semiconductor, which is moving its headquarters to Tualatin, Oregon, but retains its research and development base in Melbourne, has sold more than 1 million chips and will soon be opening customer support operations in Asia and Europe. The capital will fund expansion of the sales for Indice’s new integrated circuits that improve performance and save energy for a broad range of applications across a range of industries. The investment round was led by Pixelworks co-founder and former chief executive Allen Alley, a veteran of the US semiconductor industry. Pixelworks made chips for high-end television in the US for many years. Mr Alley subsequently began a career in Oregon politics, serving as chairman of the Oregon Republican Party. “We’re encouraged by the vote of confidence from Allen and our other investors, and the great inbound interest we have had from OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) and designers across the world, reinforcing the fact we’re tackling a big problem for many people,” Indice chief executive Aaron Brown said. The raising was also backed by the Melbourne-based venture capital group rampersand, which has built a portfolio of tech investments over the past year. One of its backers is Michael Naphtali, who was managing director of the Pratt paper and packaging empire for 15 years. The fund is run by Mr Naphtali's son Paul. “What Indice liked was that there was an Australian investment fund that understood [...]

Look how tiny this LED MR16 driver board is!

Our latest Dimmable MR16 Ultra Small LED Driver is smaller than ever - only 21.1mm long in fact! To achieve this size, we haven't compromised on any of features Indice customers know and love: this reference design features standard dimming, active temperature management and 85% efficiency. With a target power of up to 7W, this new class of ultra compact driver offers amazing performance in space constrained applications, enabling implementation into a greater range of LED lighting products. The Dimmable MR16 Ultra Small Driver fits into the stem of the lamp, so manufacturers are able to make an LED light which truly meets the halogen lamp compact ANSI form factor. To find out more about this reference design or to discuss how the Indice MR16 LED Driver IC might be integrated into your product design, contact us or our global distributor Future Electronics today. Our other reference designs include larger round driver boards, rectangular and square boards, as well as a reference design for a high power AR111 lamp. These reference designs can be used in conjunction with a variety of LEDs, including CREE, Citizen, Bridgelux and Lumiled, to name but a few. Indice reference designs assist lighting manufacturers to get their product to market faster, providing them not only with proven designs, but also whitepapers, gerber files and datasheets for easy integration of the Indice MR16 LED Driver IC into their product suite. View the specs for this and our other MR16 LED Driver reference designs here. Looking for Mains LED Driver reference designs? We have solutions for PAR38 lamps, undercabinet lighting and more here.

How do the Indice’s Amplifier Modules stack up against others?

At Indice Semiconductor we believe in always working on ways to improve our existing products, in order to ensure that our customers have access to the highest standard of product in the market. We've recently updated the specifications for our 'Blade' and 'Katana' Amplifier Modules, improving upon various features including efficiency, Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) and output noise.   To help our customers evaluate Indice Audio modules, we've also updated our handy product comparison chart which you can find in the Downloads section of this website.   The chart compares the Indice Blade AM-SMT-24-01 Amplifier Module to the TI TAS5611A D-Class IC, and the Indice Katana AM-RC-60-01 Amplifier Module to the TI TAS5630B D-Class IC, laying out specifications like idle power consumption, output noise and power supply ripple rejection for each module side by side.   Both the Blade and Katana Amplifier Modules utilize our proprietary Continuous Sigma control technique developed by Indice, enabling higher efficiency, lower THD and an SNR of just 118dB for both modules.   The modules enable audio equipment manufacturers to reduce size, weight and cost of their audio products, while ensuring their amplifiers deliver uncompromising control of speakers with excellent attack, fade and phase alignment.   The Blade is particularly suited for incorporation into iPod docks and other compact audio systems due to its incredibly small size (only 24mm x 22mm!). Both the Blade and Katana power amplifier modules feature class leading high fidelity audio, making them ideal for almost any application, from home stereo systems, to marine and car audio (especially in electric vehicles where high efficiency and low noise are crucial).   Customers looking to integrate the Blade module into their audio amplifier products can use the Blade Demo Board to evaluate [...]

The Internet of Things and wearable devices demand technological innovation

The development of wearable devices is driving lower power memory innovation, according to EETimes' Gary Hilson. Ramon Ramirez, IDC analyst, believes that the industry is trying to shrink currently used devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones into something which is smaller and wearable. However battery and memory limitations mean there is still much opportunity for innovation. Simple devices such as Fitbits and Pebble watches are already available on the market, but in future there will likely be more demand on the capabilities of these technologies, requiring a smaller form factor and low power draw. Alan Niebel, CEO of WebFeet Research, believes there is no one size fits all solution, allowing for the possibility of many different industry players and types of memory for different applications. Read the full EETimes report here. With so much opportunity to for growth, there are exciting times ahead for those involved in the development of technology for the Internet of Things (IoT) and wearable devices. While it hasn't dabbled in IoT or wearables, Indice Semiconductor has over the years developed technologies for the lighting, audio and signal conversion space which specifically address power density and efficiency, while maintaining compact form factors and true thermal management. One of Indice's latest offerings, the Power Amplifier 'Blade' is a powerful demonstration of just how much power the company is able to pack into an incredibly small, 24mm x 22mm module. While not small enough to wear, the Blade will certainly open up a whole new world of design flexibility for amplifier manufacturers.  

Try out the Indice Blade for yourself with our new amplifier Demo Board

Indice has recently released a Blade amplifier Demo Board which allows customers to quickly and easily evaluate its Power Amplifier Blade and assess its suitability for their product suite. The Demo Board package also includes schematics, PCB Gerbers, panel drawings and other documentation to make the evaluation process as simple as possible. The Indice Blade is ideal for AV home audio, iPod docks, linear speakers and active speakers, as well as for automotive and marine applications, and stand alone power amplifiers. Differing from other amplifier modules in both size and application, the Blade has an impressive 115dB SNR and THD+N <0.004, a feature only possible thanks to Indice’s Continuous Sigma encoding with direct drive technology. With passive cooling, multiple modules can be combined for high power density and multiple channel systems. Indice's products are known for their high efficiency and the Blade is no different, boasting an efficiency of greater than 96%. Compact, yet powerful, the Blade enables audio equipment manufacturers to reduce the size, weight and cost of their audio products. The Indice Power Amplifier Blade and Demo Board are available now and those interested should get in touch with Indice directly for further information and pricing. Find the full specifications of both the Blade and Demo Board in our Downloads section.

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New LED MR16 Reference Designs

Indice has added two new MR16 LED PCB reference designs to its collection. The Dimmable MR16 Petite is a slightly larger version of the MR16 Ultra Small, however with a much larger power capability at 9W target power. At a size of 24.6mm diameter by 19.8mm, this board is suitable for use with a variety of CREE, Citizen, Bridgelux and Lumiled COBs. The Dimmable MR16 Round 25mm reference design is a smaller version of Indice's proven MR16 Round 32mm LED PCB. With a target power up to 8W and greater than 85% efficiency wrapped up in a 25mm diameter by 16.6mm design, this board is suitable for use with a variety of CREE, Citizen and Sharp COBs. Other MR16 reference designs available include PCBs for use in AR111 and 12V DC/AC lights. These production ready reference designs make designing your LED lights around the Indice LED Driver IC is easy. We have reference designs for both MR16 and Mains voltage LED lighting applications, which can be implemented straight away or customized to suit specific mechanical housing. All designs come with support documentation such as whitepapers, schematics and assembly drawings. The Indice LED Driver IC features deep dimming and global dimmer compatibility, extensive leading and trailing edge transformer compatibility, Active Temperature Management, high power factor and EMC compliance for the US, Europe and Australia. See our full range of MR16 LED PCB reference designs and suggested LEDs by clicking here. More information about the Indice LED Driver IC can be found here. We will also be releasing the next generation "G3" MR16 LED Driver IC later this year. Find out more about it here.

New products, new downloads and new look!

To help cater to our customers' needs more effectively, Indice has split in two: Indice Ecotech (www.indice.com.au), which will continue to service customers wishing to buy LED lamps (end product), and Indice Semiconductor, which will focus on providing manufacturers the information required to incorporate our technology into their product suite. This transition has been happening for a few weeks, and visitors to this site, www.indicesemi.com will have noticed the change already. Customers with the URL www.indicetech.com on file will notice that this address redirects to the Indice Semiconductor site also. Exciting new products We recently attended Computex Taipei where we launched new LED driver ICs, audio amplifier modules and signal conversion technology. A next generation range of MR16 LED Driver ICs offers manufacturers options to suit various budget and manufacturing requirements. The 'G3' IC features dimming and efficiency enhancements, as well as Active Temperature Management, asynchronous current regulation and incredibly high power density.  Read more about the G3 MR16 LED Driver ICs here. The new ‘Katana’ Amplifier Module provides class leading acoustic fidelity, power and control in a highly efficient, small package. Delivering uncompromising control of speakers with excellent attack, fade and phase alignment, the module sports an impressive 114dB SNR and THD+N < 0.003. This is only possible with Indice’s proprietary Continuous Sigma encoding with direct drive technology. Find out more about the Katana here. Our new Power Amplifier ‘Blade’ provides class leading acoustic fidelity and control in a highly efficient, small package. Delivering uncompromising control of the speaker with excellent attack and fade and phase alignment, the Indice blade amp sports an impressive 114dB SNR and THD+N < 0.006. Find out more about the Blade here. Indice has also launched new Signal Conversion Technologies. Featuring our Continuous Sigma encoding method, these efficient, [...]