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Look how tiny this LED MR16 driver board is!

Our latest Dimmable MR16 Ultra Small LED Driver is smaller than ever - only 21.1mm long in fact! To achieve this size, we haven't compromised on any of features Indice customers know and love: this reference design features standard dimming, active temperature management and 85% efficiency. With a target power of up to 7W, this new class of ultra compact driver offers amazing performance in space constrained applications, enabling implementation into a greater range of LED lighting products. The Dimmable MR16 Ultra Small Driver fits into the stem of the lamp, so manufacturers are able to make an LED light which truly meets the halogen lamp compact ANSI form factor. To find out more about this reference design or to discuss how the Indice MR16 LED Driver IC might be integrated into your product design, contact us or our global distributor Future Electronics today. Our other reference designs include larger round driver boards, rectangular and square boards, as well as a reference design for a high power AR111 lamp. These reference designs can be used in conjunction with a variety of LEDs, including CREE, Citizen, Bridgelux and Lumiled, to name but a few. Indice reference designs assist lighting manufacturers to get their product to market faster, providing them not only with proven designs, but also whitepapers, gerber files and datasheets for easy integration of the Indice MR16 LED Driver IC into their product suite. View the specs for this and our other MR16 LED Driver reference designs here. Looking for Mains LED Driver reference designs? We have solutions for PAR38 lamps, undercabinet lighting and more here.

New products, new downloads and new look!

To help cater to our customers' needs more effectively, Indice has split in two: Indice Ecotech (www.indice.com.au), which will continue to service customers wishing to buy LED lamps (end product), and Indice Semiconductor, which will focus on providing manufacturers the information required to incorporate our technology into their product suite. This transition has been happening for a few weeks, and visitors to this site, www.indicesemi.com will have noticed the change already. Customers with the URL www.indicetech.com on file will notice that this address redirects to the Indice Semiconductor site also. Exciting new products We recently attended Computex Taipei where we launched new LED driver ICs, audio amplifier modules and signal conversion technology. A next generation range of MR16 LED Driver ICs offers manufacturers options to suit various budget and manufacturing requirements. The 'G3' IC features dimming and efficiency enhancements, as well as Active Temperature Management, asynchronous current regulation and incredibly high power density.  Read more about the G3 MR16 LED Driver ICs here. The new ‘Katana’ Amplifier Module provides class leading acoustic fidelity, power and control in a highly efficient, small package. Delivering uncompromising control of speakers with excellent attack, fade and phase alignment, the module sports an impressive 114dB SNR and THD+N < 0.003. This is only possible with Indice’s proprietary Continuous Sigma encoding with direct drive technology. Find out more about the Katana here. Our new Power Amplifier ‘Blade’ provides class leading acoustic fidelity and control in a highly efficient, small package. Delivering uncompromising control of the speaker with excellent attack and fade and phase alignment, the Indice blade amp sports an impressive 114dB SNR and THD+N < 0.006. Find out more about the Blade here. Indice has also launched new Signal Conversion Technologies. Featuring our Continuous Sigma encoding method, these efficient, [...]

Indice launch isolated integrated mains voltage LED driver

Indice is pleased to announce the launch of a new isolated integrated mains voltage LED driver platform. This dimmable LED driver platform is suitable for a range of applications with input power from 5W to over 300W. Isolated Integrated Mains Driver Solutions Indice’s integrated mains driver platform enables simplified dimmable LED driver solutions for 110VAC or 240VAC systems. HIGH POWER DENSITY LOW PROFILE & COMPACT DESIGNS                                                 HIGH EFFICIENCY The integrated mains driver platform uses a single planar embedded transformer and the INDICE0101 LED Driver IC, eliminating the need for multiple magnetic components significantly reducing the BOM part count, lowering BOM cost, and enabling significantly smaller and lower profile PCB designs. The planar embedded transformer simplifies manufacturing through direct assembly onto the PCB. The Indice Mains LED Driver IC brings all of the advanced features to the integrated mains driver solutions including: Active Temperature Management Dimming with leading and trailing edge phase cut dimmers, with the added benefit of Deep Dimming High Power Factor   The integrated mains driver platform is easily scalable, enabling isolated designs for any LED voltage, and LED power from 5W to greater than 300W. ISOLATED              DIMMABLE           INTEGRATED Indice integrated mains driver solutions are ideal for: Residential:                        A19, GU10, PAR20, PAR27 Commercial:                       panel lights, undercabinet Industrial:                            high power, high bay, street lighting, car park lighting We will be exhibiting this new product at Strategies in Light from February 12 – 14, 2013 at the Santa Clara Convention Centre. You will find Indice Ecotech at Booth #906. To find out more about Indice Technology and to find out how we can provide you with world class lighting solutions please visit: http://www.indicetech.com For More Information Website http://www.indicetech.com Email sales@indicetech.com Phone +61 3 9427 8999 [...]