Semiconductor industry expert Mr. Randy Steck has joined Indice Semiconductor’s Board of Directors.

Randy has decades of experience in technical management with a strong orientation in leading edge product development, business development and marketing, and holds several patents.

During his time as VP/GM at Intel, Randy lead the development of more than 15 microprocessor programs, including Pentium 4, Pentium 3, Pentium II, and Celeron development programs. The designs his team created under his leadership continue to be used by Intel today.

He then went on to found his own fabless semiconductor company, Stexar Corporation, which specialised in advanced DSP technology. 

Since then, Randy has served on the board of several technology companies, and has worked for the last 6 years as a management and organizational advisor to SpaceX corporation. He is also the principal in Stex LLC, a consulting firm which focusses on helping organizations in highly complex, cutting-edge engineering environments.  

“Randy’s deep understanding of what it takes to develop cutting-edge, innovative technology and stay ahead head of the curve will be a huge contribution to the growth of our business”, said Indice Semiconductor Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder Aaron Brown. “At Indice, we seek to continue to push boundaries and revolutionize an industry and that takes strong leadership and great expertise – which is why we’re excited to have Randy on board.”

Randy Steck’s appointment to Indice Semiconductor’s Board of Directors follows that of fellow semiconductor industry veteran Steve Zadig last year.

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