Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS) has been around for decades, but with limitations.
Now there is a better, more efficient solution:

Predictive Lossless SwitchingTM


Why we developed PLSTM

Market Challenges

1980’s power control limits the drive to smaller, more efficient and lower cost products.

Traditionally, increasing switching speed has been used to reduce size and lower cost, but this is limited by efficiency losses and control logic complexity.


Current Industry Practices

Zero Voltage Switching Limitations:

  • Static control over timing of switching devices (such as deadtimes) limits operation to narrow load bands.
  • Heavily affected by variances in input voltage, parasitic capacitants, overvoltage ranges and inductor tolerances.


The Indice Solution

Predictive Lossless Switching (PLSTM)

Indice PLSTM is predictive, closed loop system for lossless voltage and current switching - an adaptive switching system that recovers lost energy in half and full bridge topologies.

Benefits Include:

  • Higher efficiency
  • Higher potential switching speed: 10x or greater
  • Works over a broad range of frequencies and duty cycles
  • Smaller components: surrounding passive components can be smaller
  • Works with all switching devices (IGBT, Si, SiC, GaN)





2kW Full Bridge Reference Design


Parameter Value
Grounding Configuration 277V Split phase
Maximum Load Tested 2.1kVA
DC voltage (RMS) input 405V
DC current (RMS) input 5A
AC voltage (RMS) output 277VAC
Switching speed ~100kHz – ~600kHz
DC/AC efficiency (CEC method) 98.2%
Peak efficiency (CEC method) 98.73%



Potential Applications



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