Indice Semiconductor’s long-awaited, next generation “G3” suite of highly efficient, ultra-compatible MR16 LED Driver ICs is here.

Having already shipped more than a million LED chips, Indice has built on this success and deep understanding of the LED lighting industry to develop this new and improved range of MR16 LED Driver ICs.

Packages have been developed for different budgets and different technical requirements, but all ICs include Indice’s signature Active Temperature Management with an adjustable temperature set point. Also typical of Indice Semiconductor technology is the high power density of the “G3” MR16 LED Driver IC, which enables manufacturers to develop more powerful and efficient LED lamps with compact mechanical housing.

Each package also benefits from a low part count and industry-leading compatibility with transformer infrastructure. Some packages also feature flicker-free, deep dimming (from 100% – 0% light).

IN0312 features inductor-less current regulation (ICR), which enables smooth dimming even on normally difficult transformer and dimmer combinations.

The “G3” ICs are ideally suited to MR16, AR111, low voltage outdoor, marine and automotive LED lighting applications.


Indice MR16 LED Driver IC Comparison Overview Chart

IN0306 (QFN20) IN0310 (QFN20) IN0312 (QFN20)
Target Power Up to 10W Up to 20W Up to 20W
LED Voltage Range 18V-45V 18V-45V 15V-40V
Dimming No  Yes – 100 – 0% light  Yes – flicker-free dimming with ICR
ICR No No Yes
Topology Boost Boost Boost
Driver Efficiency Up to 85% (depending on transformer) Up to 85% (depending on transformer) Up to 75% (depending on transformer)
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Indice Semiconductor also offers its customers a selection of MR16 reference designs, which can be implemented immediately or customized to suit existing designs.

Download the product brief for each MR16 LED driver IC and other Indice Semiconductor products on the Downloads page.