Indice Semiconductor MR16 LED Driver IC

The next generation of MR16 LED Driver ICs.


With premium dimming performance, high efficiency and EMI compliance, the “G3” range of MR16 driver chips enables manufacturers to develop more powerful LED lamps within compact ANSI mechanical housing.

See an overview of each IC in the chart below, or click through the menu on the left for further information and specifications:

Indice MR16 LED Driver IC Comparison Overview Chart

IN0306 (QFN20) IN0310 (QFN20) IN0312 (QFN20)
  • Ultra-high transformer compatibility
  • Boost topology
  • Active Temperature Management

    IN0306 features plus:

  • Dimming on leading and trailing edge dimmers
  • Power normalization keeps light level consistent across transformers

    IN0306 and IN0310 features plus:

  • Flicker-free dimming with inductor-less current regulation (ICR)
Target Power Up to 10W Up to 20W Up to 20W
LED Voltage Range 18V-45V 18V-45V 15V-40V
Dimming No  Yes – 100 – 0% light  Yes – flicker-free dimming with ICR
ICR No No Yes
Topology Boost Boost Boost
Driver Efficiency Up to 85% (depending on transformer) Up to 85% (depending on transformer) Up to 75% (depending on transformer)
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