Offline LED Driver IC

Product Number: INDICE0101

Indice’s mains voltage (120VAC or 240VAC systems) incandescent lamp replacement technology is available to OEM’s and lighting companies as a Offline LED Driver IC and reference design for integration into your light bulb, lighting fixture or LED driver product range. Indice’s proven reference designs, application notes and support get you to market quickly. Indice’s Offline LED Driver IC’s are ideal for light bulb, LED driver and lighting fixture manufacturers who want high performance products with exceptional dimming and additional features.

  • Dimming with TRIAC  leading edge and trailing edge phase cut dimmers: Our control chip provides dimming with most existing dimmers globally (refer to dimmer and transformer compatibility list).
  • High Efficiency: >85% including all system losses such as the rectifier and EMC filter.
  • Input voltage range: 204VAC – 264VAC for 240V systems and 90VAC – 130VAC for 120V systems.
  • High power factor: >0.9 meeting US Energy Star requirements for commercial and residential installations.
  • Active Temperature Management and power management: Our controller continuously monitors the operating temperature of the lamp adjusting power accordingly which maximises LED life and brightness lumen maintenance. In the event the ambient temperature reaches extremes, the controller will safely shut down the lamp. The lamp will turn back on when the ambient temperature drops below the set threshold.
  • Turn key reference designs that are ready to be implemented by your development team.
  • Extensive testing: Indice has carried out extensive testing of its control technology on dimmers from across the globe (refer to dimmer compatibility list). Indice has its control technology certified to meet international EMC requirements and validates its lumen and efficacy within NATA reputable accredited western laboratories.
  • Full PCB design services available on request and iterative chargers to support production improvements.
  • Full support available on request for alternative sourcing of components to reduce cost and lead times (this involves a detailed engineering process of thoroughly testing and validating parts).


Mains Voltage Applications

Fully Integrated Lamps

Application Image Reference Design
Under Cabinet Lighting Undercabinet-LED-Lighting Dimmable mains slimline – rectangular
A19 / PAR38 lamp Dimmable_A19_PAR38_LED_Light_Mains_Board Dimmable mains A19 / PAR38 lamp
Wide body lamp Dimmable_Mains_Wide_Body_LED_Light Dimmable mains wide body lamp

External Driver Applications

Application Image Reference Design
External LED Driver LED_Driver_Board External LED Driver