Mr. Stephen (Steve) Zadig, co-founder of Vital Connect, Inc., has been announced as the latest semiconductor veteran to join the Board of Directors at Indice Semiconductor.

Steve, who remains a director for Vital Connect and also serves on the Advisory Boards of ClariPhy Communications and SiTime Corporation, has over 40 years of operational and business experience with start-up and pre-IPO companies.

Steve has taken a number of highly successful companies through IPOs, including C-Cube Microsystems, Paradigm Technology and Marvell Semiconductor, and has served as a Principal Founder of the Fabless Semiconductor Association.

“Steve is a seasoned executive with proven experience in some of the fastest growing semiconductor businesses,” said Aaron Brown, Indice Semiconductor Chief Executive Officer. “His in-depth understanding of global supply chain, engineering and business process management will be invaluable to us.”

Steve’s appointment at Indice comes at a busy time for the fabless semiconductor company: later this year, the company will launch a new suite of MR16 LED Driver integrated circuits and is currently looking for strategic partners to commercialize the next generation of world-class power inverters.

“We are in the middle of a very exciting time here at Indice,” said Mr Brown. “With the addition of Steve to our Board of Directors, we are confident our leadership team consists of some of the best and most experienced semiconductor experts in the business.”