If you haven’t had the opportunity to talk to us in person about our audio amplifier and power supply modules yet, now is your chance.

Indice Semiconductor’s CTO James Hamond and other members of the Indice team will be attending the SEMA Show next week in Las Vegas on the 5th November.

As this is the premier global automotive specialty products trade event, we’re excited to have this opportunity to talk to our customers about integrating Indice amplifier modules into OEM, after-market and electric vehicle audio products.

Our Katana and Blade amplifiers are ever-improving, with recent test results showing a formidable THD 0.003 for both modules, as well as an impressive Signal to Noise Ratio:

  • Katana: 118dB @ 50V into 2Ω or 4Ω load
  • Blade: 114dB @ 27V into 2Ω or 4Ω load

Both amplifiers feature Indice’s unique Continuous Sigma encoding method, enabling this incredible THD and SNR, as well as high efficiency for both modules. To read full specs, visit our Downloads section.

Our high performance PSU is regenerative and sends reactive energy from the speaker back to the car’s power source. It is the first of its kind in the car audio market and boosts system performance and efficiency.

Specs for this module include:

  • Efficiency: >95%
  • Ripple: <-60dB
  • Efficiency: >95%
  • Electrolytic capacitor free design

Make sure you don’t miss us – email sales@indicesemi.com to secure a time to meet with our CTO James Hamond.

As part of the AAIW, the SEMA Show attracts more than 100,000 industry leaders from more than 100 countries for unlimited profit opportunities in the automotive, truck and SUV, powersports, and RV markets. It will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Centre from 4th until 7th November, however Indice will only be attending on the 5th November.