Fast switching speeds mean smaller drivers.
With smaller drivers, you’ll have more room for the LED optics.

Develop the products you really want to, without compromise.

Indice’s MR16 LED drivers are some of the smallest available on the market today and we’ve achieved this through incredibly fast switching speeds.

How does this help you design better products?

In most cases, LED drivers which are capable of delivering the functionality you need, such as flicker-free dimming and uniform light output, take up a lot space inside the mechanical housing, limiting your ability and flexibility to design the optics you want.

Not so with Indice’s drivers.

Not only do Indice drivers have industry-leading switching speeds, but they also boast low line noise, which means EMI filters are now a thing of the past.

Indice MR16 LED Driver IC Comparison Overview Chart

IN0306 (QFN20) IN0310 (QFN20) IN0312 (QFN20)
Target Power Up to 10W Up to 20W Up to 20W
LED Voltage Range 18V-45V 18V-45V 15V-40V
Dimming No  Yes – 100 – 0% light  Yes – flicker-free dimming with ICR
ICR No No Yes
Topology Boost Boost Boost
Driver Efficiency Up to 85% (depending on transformer) Up to 85% (depending on transformer) Up to 75% (depending on transformer)
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