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Try out the Indice Blade for yourself with our new amplifier Demo Board

Indice has recently released a Blade amplifier Demo Board which allows customers to quickly and easily evaluate its Power Amplifier Blade and assess its suitability for their product suite. The Demo Board package also includes schematics, PCB Gerbers, panel drawings and other documentation to make the evaluation process as simple as possible. The Indice Blade is ideal for AV home audio, iPod docks, linear speakers and active speakers, as well as for automotive and marine applications, and stand alone power amplifiers. Differing from other amplifier modules in both size and application, the Blade has an impressive 115dB SNR and THD+N <0.004, a feature only possible thanks to Indice’s Continuous Sigma encoding with direct drive technology. With passive cooling, multiple modules can be combined for high power density and multiple channel systems. Indice's products are known for their high efficiency and the Blade is no different, boasting an efficiency of greater than 96%. Compact, yet powerful, the Blade enables audio equipment manufacturers to reduce the size, weight and cost of their audio products. The Indice Power Amplifier Blade and Demo Board are available now and those interested should get in touch with Indice directly for further information and pricing. Find the full specifications of both the Blade and Demo Board in our Downloads section.

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New LED MR16 Reference Designs

Indice has added two new MR16 LED PCB reference designs to its collection. The Dimmable MR16 Petite is a slightly larger version of the MR16 Ultra Small, however with a much larger power capability at 9W target power. At a size of 24.6mm diameter by 19.8mm, this board is suitable for use with a variety of CREE, Citizen, Bridgelux and Lumiled COBs. The Dimmable MR16 Round 25mm reference design is a smaller version of Indice's proven MR16 Round 32mm LED PCB. With a target power up to 8W and greater than 85% efficiency wrapped up in a 25mm diameter by 16.6mm design, this board is suitable for use with a variety of CREE, Citizen and Sharp COBs. Other MR16 reference designs available include PCBs for use in AR111 and 12V DC/AC lights. These production ready reference designs make designing your LED lights around the Indice LED Driver IC is easy. We have reference designs for both MR16 and Mains voltage LED lighting applications, which can be implemented straight away or customized to suit specific mechanical housing. All designs come with support documentation such as whitepapers, schematics and assembly drawings. The Indice LED Driver IC features deep dimming and global dimmer compatibility, extensive leading and trailing edge transformer compatibility, Active Temperature Management, high power factor and EMC compliance for the US, Europe and Australia. See our full range of MR16 LED PCB reference designs and suggested LEDs by clicking here. More information about the Indice LED Driver IC can be found here. We will also be releasing the next generation "G3" MR16 LED Driver IC later this year. Find out more about it here.

Tesla removes patents to advance electric vehicle technology

"In the spirit of the open source movement", Tesla has removed patents to allow greater innovation from electric vehicle developers. Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk acknowledges that the real competitors of his company are't the few other EV models on the market currently, but rather the "enormous flood of gasoline cars pouring out of the world's factories every day." Like any other technology developer, Tesla created patents in order to avoid the theft of their ideas by competitors. However Musk believes that the opportunity to reduce emissions and move the world towards a more sustainable and efficient transport system is crucial, pointing out that currently EV accounts for less than 1% of total vehicle sales. While removing patents is a bold move, and one that perhaps can be afforded only by the fact that Tesla is currently secure in its position as market leader, the decision will surely be inspiring for the global engineering community. "We believe that Tesla, other companies making electric cars, and the world would all benefit from a common, rapidly-evolving technology platform", writes Musk. "Technology leadership is not defined by patents, [...] but rather by the ability of a company to attract and motivate the world's most talented engineers." Clearly dedicated to an EV future rather than dominated by its own bottom line, Tesla recently announced that a competitive pricing strategy in Europe and China, rather than taking advantage of markets traditionally open to the cost of luxury vehicles. Ensuring affordability and encouraging innovation may well be a strategy that maintains Tesla Motors's position as global electric vehicle leader.   Read Elon Musk's patent article here.

New products, new downloads and new look!

To help cater to our customers' needs more effectively, Indice has split in two: Indice Ecotech (www.indice.com.au), which will continue to service customers wishing to buy LED lamps (end product), and Indice Semiconductor, which will focus on providing manufacturers the information required to incorporate our technology into their product suite. This transition has been happening for a few weeks, and visitors to this site, www.indicesemi.com will have noticed the change already. Customers with the URL www.indicetech.com on file will notice that this address redirects to the Indice Semiconductor site also. Exciting new products We recently attended Computex Taipei where we launched new LED driver ICs, audio amplifier modules and signal conversion technology. A next generation range of MR16 LED Driver ICs offers manufacturers options to suit various budget and manufacturing requirements. The 'G3' IC features dimming and efficiency enhancements, as well as Active Temperature Management, asynchronous current regulation and incredibly high power density.  Read more about the G3 MR16 LED Driver ICs here. The new ‘Katana’ Amplifier Module provides class leading acoustic fidelity, power and control in a highly efficient, small package. Delivering uncompromising control of speakers with excellent attack, fade and phase alignment, the module sports an impressive 114dB SNR and THD+N < 0.003. This is only possible with Indice’s proprietary Continuous Sigma encoding with direct drive technology. Find out more about the Katana here. Our new Power Amplifier ‘Blade’ provides class leading acoustic fidelity and control in a highly efficient, small package. Delivering uncompromising control of the speaker with excellent attack and fade and phase alignment, the Indice blade amp sports an impressive 114dB SNR and THD+N < 0.006. Find out more about the Blade here. Indice has also launched new Signal Conversion Technologies. Featuring our Continuous Sigma encoding method, these efficient, [...]

Preview Indice’s new audio amplifier technology at Computex Taipei

Indice will be at the Grand Hyatt Taipei next week showcasing some of its new technological developments, including its Power Amplifier 'Blade' modules. The Blade provides class leading acoustic fidelity and control in a highly efficient, small package. It is ideal for audio equipment manufacturers looking to reduce power consumption, size, weight and cost of their products. Differing from other amplifier modules in both size and application, the Indice Blade has an impressive 114dB SNR and THD+N <0.006, a feature only possible thanks to Indice's Continuous Sigma encoding with direct drive technology. With passive cooling, multiple modules can be combined for high power density and multiple channel systems. The new modules will be available for sampling in late 2014. Indice's Chief Technical Officer, James Hamond, as well as key members of the Indice team, will be in Taipei for the Computex trade show from 3 June – 7 June. In addition to the Indice Blade,  Mr Hamond and the team will be showcasing a high performance amplifier module (further details to be released soon), as well as other technologies such as MR16 LED Driver ICs, ADCs and DACs. To make an appointment with Mr Hamond for a demonstration of the new audio amplifier Blade module or any of the Indice’s other new technologies, please fill out the form below:   The demonstration will be located at: Grand Hyatt Taipei Grand Room #2448 2 Song Shou Road, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C 9 am - 6 pm daily, 2 - 7 June 2014  

Indice unveils next generation MR16 LED Driver IC

Indice will offer a preview of its next-generation “G3” MR16 LED Driver IC in Taipei next month. The IC will be available in three package tiers to suit various budget, performance and manufacturing requirements. Indice’s baseline G3 IC package (INDICE0308) is ideal for lighting manufacturers who wish to provide their customers with quality LED lights, featuring deep dimming and the broadest compatibility with dimmer infrastructure and halogen transformers available in the market. The baseline ICs benefit from Active Temperature Management, which limits the operating temperature of the chip and electronics, extending the life of the luminaire. Power normalization keeps light levels consistent across all transformer types. The second tier of G3 IC packages available (INDICE0316) offers the same features as tier one, with the additional benefit of providing manufacturers the flexibility to control the Active Temperature Management point. It also includes active rectifier control and synchronous MOSFET for boost stage, which increase driver efficiency and compatibility. The highest tier package (INDICE0320) offers all the above features plus asynchronous current regulation, enabling unparalleled, flicker-free dimming performance. With active transformer detection capability, all G3 ICs are suitable for use with both magnetic and electronic transformers and are compatible with electronic transformers available globally. The ICs can be integrated into MR16 and AR111 retrofit lamps, and are also suitable for low voltage outdoor lighting (12VAC), marine and automotive LED applications. The new range of ICs will be available for sampling in late 2014 to pre-registered customers. Indice's Chief Technical Officer, James Hamond, will be in Taipei for the Computex trade show from 3 June – 7 June. To make an appointment with Mr Hamond for a demonstration of the G3 MR16 LED Driver IC and other new technologies, please fill out the form below:   The demonstration will be [...]

Global LED chip sales boom in 2013 predicted to continue

LED Lighting sales are on the rise and with it shipments of LED chips, reports Digitimes.  According to DisplaySearch, US$1.1 billion worth of LED lighting chips were sold in 2013. The firm predicts sales to reach US$3.4 billion in 2017 as consumer demand continues to grow. The LED chip market will continue to see an upward trajectory, despite waning sales in chips for LED back-lighting applications, such as display screens. "LED market observers have been expecting huge growth in the LED lighting market for a long time, and it's finally here," said Steven Sher of DisplaySearch. LED lighting technology's popularity is increasing partially because it contains no mercury, is more efficient than other existing lights and generally has a longer life span. Read the full Digitimes article here. Increasing demand for LED lighting products is good news for Indice, a designer and manufacturer of another crucial lighting component, LED Driver ICs. Both its Mains IC (INDICE0101) and MR16 IC (INDICE0002) have become a popular choice for lighting manufacturers due to its unique features. One of those features is Active Temperature Management, which allows the chip to regulate the operating temperature of the light, protecting the LED and electronics from overheating. This extends product life and means lights featuring the Indice Driver IC can also be installed inside sealed fixtures. Deep Dimming is also a feature of Indice's products. The Driver IC allows for smooth, flicker-free dimming and is compatible with most dimmers on the market globally. Indice's production-ready Mains and MR16 reference designs enable manufacturers to get their products on the market quickly and include supporting data such as application notes and white papers.  

Competitive pricing may assist Tesla push into Europe and China

As Tesla pushes forward into the European and Chinese markets, online publication CleanTechnica speculated today whether the luxury vehicle manufacturer is looking at pricing cuts, in addition to streamlined logistics, to ensure overseas success. Reports show lowered prices in European markets also, with a close to 7,000 Euro drop in the price of a Tesla Model S in Germany. The reason for this isn't clear: it could signify low demand, or perhaps it is part of Elon Musk's strategy to sell more cars in the region. Musk declared last month that "towards the end of the year, we expect sales in those regions combined to be almost twice that of North America." Tesla also isn't planning on price hikes in China to take advantage of a premium-car loving market. The price will reflect increased shipping costs, duties and taxes, however Tesla won't be increasing its margin on Chinese sales. Yesterday CleanTechnica also published the results of a reader poll on what will be the "Top-Selling Electric Car in US & Europe in 2014", with the Nissan Leaf and the Tesla Model S topping both lists. In the US the Toyota Prius Plug-in and Chevy Volt are also likely to be popular, while Germany, France, the Netherlands and Norway favoured the BMW i3, the Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-in and the Renault Zoe. CleanTechnica boasts to be the world's number one most trafficked cleantech-focused website, with around 186,000 unique visitors per month.   Read the full article about Tesla's European and Chinese pricing here. Read the full article about 2014 top-selling electric cars here.    

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Indice to exhibit at Strategies in Light 2014

Indice will be exhibiting at major US lighting expo and conference, Strategies in Light at the end of this month. Indice's display will include technology built around its industry-leading dimmable LED driver IC's. Mains voltage and low voltage LED lights using Indice driver technology benefit from Active Temperature Management, a unique feature which enables the lamp to monitor its operating temperature and adjust power accordingly. Active Temperature Management means long product life and enables lights to be installed even inside sealed fixtures. Driver IC's by Indice also benefit from ultra high power density, deep dimming (right down to 0%) and true compatibility with existing infrastructure. Few other LED driver IC's can boast such broad compatibility with leading and trailing edge dimmers and in the case of Indice's MR16 driver IC's, electronic and magnetic halogen transformers. Lighting manufacturers can also take advantage of Indice's Mains and MR16  reference design series. Reference designs decrease time to market for manufacturers seeking to use the Indice driver IC in their LED product. Including PCB designs, whitepapers, application notes and datasheets, these reference designs are production ready or can be customized to suit the manufacturer's own mechanicals. The Indice team will be at Strategies in Light from 25 - 27 February, located at booth 919. Strategies in Light has run for 15 years as the flagship companion event to the major industry publication, LEDs Magazine. With 200 exhibiting companies and nearly 5,000 attendees  last year, Strategies in Light has cemented its place as one of the world's largest and longest-running LED and lighting trade shows and conferences. To find out how you can attend, visit http://www.strategiesinlight.com/register.html.

Italian Blog takes note of the Rare Audio Amplifier

The Rare Audio got some attention recently on Italian blog, Audio Car Stereo Team, a group of audio enthusiasts. Indice Audio and mObridge showed off the now commercially available Rare Audio Amplifier earlier this month at International CES, where it got a lot of attention for its regenerative PSU and highly efficient amplifier module. Audio Car Stereo Team also note its light weight and incredibly low profile. Total amplifier thickness is under one inch (25mm) making it the most technically advanced and compact amplifier available on the market. Using the powerful GUI via a PC, tablet or smartphone, users can tune their system to their preference and environment. Currently models with three different inputs are available for purchase - MOST, Digital and Analog. Each model features Bluetooth, is smartphone compatible and has 4 x 125W RMS audio channels. For further technical detail and order your amplifier, visit www.rareaudio.com. Read the full write up here (in Italian).