Indice Semiconductor is changing the world, one IC at a time.


While others might talk about innovation, Indice lives and breathes it. We take changing the world very seriously: we don’t accept that things should stay the same, just because that’s how they’ve been done for decades.


Key benefits of Indice technology:

  • High power density – our ICs enable our customers to pack a lot into significantly smaller mechanicals, reducing not only size, but also weight.
  • More efficient – reduced heat loss and higher performance means more powerful end products.
  • Reduced costs – these efficiency gains mean lower production costs in our customers’ manufacturing process


About Indice Semiconductor

Indice was founded when we recognized a potential application for our power control algorithm within the then emerging energy efficient lighting space. We began development of an MR16 LED Driver IC and later a Offline LED Driver IC; enhanced iterations of both remain in our product suite until this day.

We recognized that our breakthroughs in LED lighting were able to be applied elsewhere, and soon developed audio proof of concepts that have been proclaimed by audiophile equipment manufacturers as the best digital amplifiers they’d ever heard.

These successes were driven by our revolutionary Continuous SigmaTM encoding method, a digital semiconductor architecture that replaces many high performance analog circuits for power control and conversion.


Continuous Sigma: It’s not evolution – it’s revolution.

Continuous SigmaTM has been described by industry leader Mark Telefus as the single most significant breakthrough in semiconductor power control and conversion in 40 years.




While our competitors are limited by their use of traditional, more complex delta sigma encoding methods which have barely changed since they were developed in the 1970s, our radical method has enabled us to develop the most efficient, high performance and high power density ICs available in the LED lighting and audio markets.


“Continuous SigmaTM is simple and conservative yet it is also radical & revolutionary because it can be applied to applications as wide as lighting control and high fidelity audio.”

– Mark Telefus, power industry leader, iWatt CTO and co-founder


Our technology is changing the world.

We’re not stopping with LED lighting and audio amplifiers; Continuous SigmaTM has so many applications, including renewable energy inverters, power supplies for data centres, signal control, electric motor control and so much more.




Our Responsibility

As a developer of leading energy efficient technology, Indice has a responsibility to uphold the finest standards throughout the product cycle. Some of the commitments we have made include:

  • We will nurture and grow our relationships with our customers, partners and investors, with clear and honest communication, friendly and helpful service, and the kind of expertise they would expect from a global leader in electronics innovation;
  • We will always strive for continuous improvement in all stages of product development;
  • We will maintain strict compliance with international quality, environmental, health and safety requirements;

Indice Driver ICs include:  ILD1  INDICE0001 INDICE0002 INDICE0101 INDICE0308INDICE0316INDICE0320
Indice Amplifiers include:  AM-PCI-24-01 AM-RC-50-01 AM-500-12-01 PSU-500-38-12-01